08.01.2016      Jam                   opener Set:  soundcafe Jamband (Funk / Latin )

15.01.2016      Funk                  Call me Camillo, Benedikt Dorn (gui), Michi Hahn & Riccardo Ferrara (gui)           

22.01.2016      Metal                 Arden to Ashes, Future Sequence, Little House, Narin                 

29.01.2016      Rock                  Revolved, Paul & Gwen, The Downfall




05.02.2016      Jam                  opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk / Latin )        

19.02.2016      Rock                 Wild Society, Human Shadows,Symmetric, Lessence       

26.02.2016      Metal                Kalte Tage, Abandoned Dreams, Delirium´s  Dawn, Leaderless Revolution




04.03.2016     Jam                  opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk / Latin )


11.03.2016     Mammuth        Arschfistgrindblunt, Based on a true Story, My Little Mayhem, No Mans 

                                                    Land, IQ Zero, [ Hell Inc ]                 

18.03.2015     Rock                 Magnum Dinosaurs, Daisy Chain, Octopus Grip                                 




08.04.2016    Jam                   opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk / Latin ) 

15.04.2016    Mammuth         A Feast for Crows, Endless Curse, Leaderless Revolution, Liver of Duck

                                                     Redemption of my Fairytale   


22.04.2016    MUC KING          Major Mint, ohwhy, Executed, Neon Black

29.04.2016                                 soundcafe Housebands in Concert

                                                     Tilda,  Icy Smoke,  Lightflight, Malaise, Pete Hubson feat. Andy Seidel (guit)




06.05.2016     Jam                   opener Set : soundcafe Jamband ( Funk / Latin )         

13.05.2016     Metal                 Little House, Future Sequence, Tepid Tits, Kaioken, Milgram Komplex

20.05.2016     Punk                  Kentucky Schreit, Right on Q, Miese Mutanten, Springstories




03.06.2016       Jam                 opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk / Latin)                      

10.06.2016       Jam & EM Public Viewing   opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk / Latin )                

17.06.2016       Indie                 Chasing Sound, King Pigeon, Cassettes, CNG



01.07.2016       Jam                 opener Set: soundcafe Jamband (Funk, Latin )

08.07.2016       Benefiz Concert für Nicaragua in Kooperation mit der Hochschule für angewande 

                            Sprachen SDI

                                                     Melli Zech (Singer/ Songwriter), Pyrus (Rock), Meltdown X (Rock) ,On the

                                                    Shoulders of Giants (Folk / Rock)


15.07.2016        Can´t Grill the Metal

                                                    [Hell Inc}, Death Stalker, Stable Chain , Maggie on the Roxx


22.07.2016       soundcafe Sommerfest   Palo Santo (Latin Power)                                 

29.07.2016       Rock                Private Eyes, Bong Bongs, Call it a Wasteland




16.09.2016       Jam                  opener Set: soundcafe Jamband (Rock, Funk )

23.09.2016       Punk                Shorts, 49 Days, Suffocate the Silence, Broken Waves

30.09.2016       Konzert           Mijuta, Show a Sign, Dirty Old Spice, Attic




07.10.2016      Jam               opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Rock, Funk )

14.10.2016                             Mammuth Bandcontest    

                                                  diSKAvery, Flashback, Redemption of my Fairytale, Research the Past

                                                  Revolved, Shameless Nameless                                

21.10.2016      Indie               Marvpaul, Yunus, Hurrycane                            

28.10.2016      Metal              Lost Rose, Below the Belt, ICYRED, Blackwater





04.11.2016       Jam              opener Set: soundcafe Jamband (Funk, Latin)

11.11.2016                             Mammuth Heimatsound Winterspecial

                                                 Rigoros, Basement 24 , Soundinjection


18.11.2016       Metal            Narin , We like Cake, Knockout Concept , IMP, Street to the        


25.11.2016       Punk             Kentucky Schreit, Farewell Mona Lisa, Sprinstories, Right on Q




02.12.2016       Jam              opener set: soundcafe Jamband (Funk, Latin)

09.12.2016       Metal            Kalte Tage, Stahlbad, Far Behind the Sun , Syconic

16.12.2016       Metal            Fundament of a Dream, State of Collapse, Asmoday, Whispers of a

                                                  Damned, Ad Nemori

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