16.01.2015      Jamsession                               Opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk/ Latin)  

23.01.2015      Jamsession                               Opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk/ Latin)

30.01.2015      Rock                                             MidriffBlackwater, Dune Pilot, Hydra Heads                                                                                                                 



06.02.2015  Projekt  "Rock im Graben "      Musikerinnen und Musiker des  Bayerischen

                                                                               Staatsorchesters, Jugendstreichorchester Bluestrings

                                                                               Zebrathought, CNGRTS, Böe Ty´s, Pete Hobson & Ehsan

13.02.2015    Jamsession                               opener set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk /Latin)       

20.02.2015    Hammerschlag 2                      Fagus, Avator, Mornir, Cryptic,

27.02.2015    Rock                                             Leonic, Pulsschlag, The Legendary




 6.3.2015     Jamsession                                 opener set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk /Latin)   

13.3.2015    Shortsival                                     Shorts, Sexattacks, 49 Days, Revolved

20.3.2015    Metal                                              Hailstone, Etox, Entorx, Straight from Hell

27.3.2015    Rock                                              Suffocate the Silence, Fortnight Circus, JUNK DNA, Opricum




17.4.2015    Jamsession                                 opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk/Latin)

24.4.2015    Hip Hop   Indie                              KRMA, Kandinsky, ZOXX, Lanford




8.5.2015       Jamsession                                opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk / Latin )

15.5.2015     MUC KING                                    Newcomer Bandcontest

                                                                              AMNESIAC (Indie), Braindead Wavelenght (Metal)

                                                                              May the Tempest ((Metalcore), Link Out (NU Rock)

16.5.2015     Projekt "Rock im Graben "     DOC Festival im Gasteig Abschlussveranstaltung




 5.6.2015       Jamsession                                 opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk / Latin )

12.6.2015      Metal                                              Cyrence , Dissorted, White Mantis

19.6.2015      soundcafe Housebands            Black Neon (Rock), Chromantic Flash (Glamour Rock)

                                                                                 CNGRTS (Indie), Lightflight (Rock), Entoria (Metal),

26.6.2015      Mammuth Bandcontest             Death Stalker (Metal),  I am Vengeance (Metal), Ikarus 

                                                                                 Dawn (Metal) , Renegade (Metal), Soundgelage (Pop Funk)




3.7.2015         Jamsession                                  opener set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk /Latin)         

10.7.2015       Pop Rock                                      Schwindelfrei, Esgehtauchlaut,Voicebreak, Simon Goodlife

24.7.2015       Mammuth Bandcontest             Broken Waves (Punk Rock), Composing M (Hip Hop Rap)

                                                                                  deplugged (Akustik Pop) , Jack is King, QEF (NU Metal),

                                                                                  So not seventy (Rock Punk)

31.7.2015      From Campfire to                          Fistful of Monkeys, Running from Avalanches, Paul & Atlas

                        Sucker Punch Festival          



18.9.2015       Rock Metal                                     2 Hours Till Breakdown, Hours Away, Check Yes Dynamite,


25.9.2015       Bringing Back the Glory               Eaten by the Moment, Child on Fire, Chronic, 2loud4u



2.10.2015       Jamsession                                    opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk /Latin)

9.10.2015       Autumn Wind                                  Mornir, Kalte Tage, Ad Nemori, Dark Legacy

16.10.2015     Metal                                                 I am Vengeance, Future Sequence, 41 Virus, Burial of

                                                                                    all Dreams

23.10. 2015    Jamsession                                   opener Set: soundcafe Jamband (Funk /Latin)

30.10.2015     Alternative Rock                            Deafening Opera , Etox, Argos



6.11.2015       Jamsession                                    opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk /Latin)

13.11.2015     soundcafe Housebands               BlackNeon, Lightflight, Chromantic Flash, Pirates of

                                                                                     Suburbia, Böe Ty´s

20.11.2015     Mammuth Bandcontest                ArschfistGrintBlunt, Bonnet Bash, Baement 24,  

                                                                                     T-Bone & The Scallywags, The Outset, We like Cake

27.11.2015     Rock                                                  Spielzeug , Pete Hubson, Lightflight , Miss Mango



4.12.2015       Jamsession                                    opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk/Latin)

18.12.2015     Metal                                                 Narin, Dirty Attic, This is More