10.1. 2014     Jamsession                               Opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk/ Latin)                                                                                               

17.1.2014      SPH Bandcontest                     A Thought Unleashed, I Am VENGEANCE, Minor  Movement,

                                                                              Wild Society, Rastlos, Stairway to the moon

24.1.2014      SPH Bandcontest                     Brain on a Stick, Church Lake City , Emma Sunset, No GOES ,

                                                                              Slam Fiction , Vertigo

31.1.2014      Video Release Party                Naked SuperHero, NoSpam, Mama Jokes                      





7.2.2014             Jamsession                            Opener Set: soundcafe Jamband (Funk/ Latin)

14.2.2014           Heavy Valentine                     Pro Insanity, Defated, Silentears, Narsil

21.2.2014          SPH Bandcontest                   Chromantic Flash, End of Sickness, ESGEHTAUCHLAUT,

                                                                                Liquid Meat, Superstill, The Shibboleths, Turrets

28.2.2014           DE OLDE METAL ATTACK     Reverend Hound, Cyrence, Blackwater




7.3.2014            Jamsession                             Opener Set: soundcafe Jamband (Funk/ Latin)


14.3.2014         soundcafe proudly presents                                          

                                                                                Straightline, Pilot Amok, Godwave, Daisy Chain


21.3.2014          Metal                                          Nebelhorde, Ossarium, Mornir, Breed of Scorn

28.3.2014          SPH Bandcontest                   Bad Joke, Defated, Drop Dynamic, Illusive Light, Jamielou,

                                                                                 Pitched in Red, She becomes Red        




4.4.2014         Jamsssion                                 Opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk/ Latin)

11.4.2014       Popcore                                      I Scream for Ice Scream  abgesagt !




 2.5.2014           Jamsession                             Opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk/ Latin)

9.5.2014            muc- king                                  Nachwuchsband Wettbewerb des KJR -München Stadt

                                                                                 Anfol, HURRYKAYNE, Elephant Factory, Defated

16.5.2014         25 Jahre soundcafe               Jubiläumsveranstaltung  Palo Santo (Latin Power)

                                                                                Jamielou, The Vigilance of Gipsy Swing, soundcafe   


23.5.2014         Narin presents:                        Welcome to Paradise EP Release Party                     

                                                                                Narin, Deaf Kid, QEF, Stable Chain, Future Sequence

30.5.2014         Thrash Metal                            Cyrence, Towers & Bridges & Dubiosis




6.6.2013            Jamsession                              Opener Set: soundcafe Jamband (Funk/Latin)

27.6.2013         soundcafe Hausbands in Concert

                                                                                  Narin, Ars Amentiae, Elephant Factory, Zebrathought,





4.7.2013            Jamsession                               Opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk/ Latin)

11.7.2013          Summer Killzone                       Hailstone, Into Oblivion, Divide, Renegade

18.7.2013          Rock                                             Chronic, Fistful of Monkeys, Moses Golem, Human Shadow

25.7.2014          Rotten                                          Venomous, Rapture, Sins of a Murder, She becomes Red

                            Underground IV



19.9.2014         Punkrock/Pop                            Suffocate the Silence, The Celebreties, Paradoxon

26.9.2014         Projekt Rock im Graben           Bayerisches Staatsorchester  meet Kjr Bands                                            




10.10.2014      Jamsession                               Opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk/ Latin)

                                                                                 feat: Conny Vill (voc), Raffaele Daniele (Guit. / voc), Thomas

                                                                                 Goder (Bass), Bonifaz Prexl (Drums)

17.10.2014      Rock                                             Immodesty , JD, Blackwater

24.10.2014      Mammuth Bandwettbewerb  Keep this in Mind, State Zero, Renegade, Lyrical Death,

                                                                                  Angry Cat, Fortnight Circus

31.10.2014      Mammuth Bandwettbewerb   MAX, The Dorks, Wild Society, Paul & Gwen, 49 Days

                                                                                  Pitched in Red



7.11.2014      Jamsession                      Opener Set : soundcafe Jamband (Funk / Latin)

                                                            feat: Conny Vill (voc),

                                                            Thomas Goder (Bass), Bonifaz Prexl (Drums)

14.11.2014    Rock      Concert entfällt! Opricum, The Legendary, Leonic           

21.11.2014    Metal                               Narin, Reject the Truth, Burial of all Dreams,
                                                            Unclouded Perception, A Thought Unleashed

28.11.2014    soundcafe Hausbands in Concert

                                                                                 Black Neon (Hardrock), Entoria (Metal), Böe Ty´s (Rock)

                                                                                 Lightflight (Rock), Spielzeug (Rock)



5.12.2014     Weihnachtsmarkt           soundcafe &  Walmdachspatzen     


                                                          Jamsession  Opener Set : soundcafe Jamband

12.12.2014   Projekt "Rock im Graben"  mit Musikern des Bayerischen Staatsorchesters,

                   Blue Strings Jugendstreichorchester, CNGRTS, Böe Ty´s, Zebrathought, 

                   Pete Hobson & Ehsan 

                   Eröffnungs Concert  im  Münchner Stadtmuseum

19.12.2014   Mammuth Bandwettbewerb Finale

                                                                              Fortnight Circus, Angry Cat, Shapeless, Pitched in Red, Wild